Chris Knight - Finding Rembrandt: Master the Art of Rembrandt Lighting and How to Shoot and Edit
English | 3 hrs | Video: 1080p  
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Chris blends his unconditional love of art with his conditional love of technology and his cinematic, uncompromising eye for detail. Chris has a very unique way of photographing. He often uses low-key dramatic lighting, which imitates the style of old painters.

Why Rembrandt?
There is a reason why photographers know Rembrandt by name. Chris puts a lot of time into dealing with the history of Rembrandt and the portrait and how the historical influence is still felt today.

He shows you how to apply the styles of the old masters to your photos to create timeless results.

By means of lighting, styling, color and more you discover the ingredients of some of the most memorable works in history and how you can apply these concepts to your own images.
Chris shows how you can create depth in your images and how you can use the power of highlights and shadows with incredibly simple (but powerful) lighting arrangements. After following this course you can use the artistic techniques of some of the greatest portraitists and paint with light.

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