Rigman - Complete Rigged Character Toolkit

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preview.jpg 二维卡通人物推广解说企业创造者宣传视频AE模板 完全操纵角色动画
Rigman - Complete Rigged Character Toolkit

Hi, guys! Meet Rigman. It’s a 100% rigged character, who will become your homie. You can change him as you want! Hair style, moustache, beard, colours and much much more. There are 35 templated scenes with Attractive animation, based on 12 Principles of Disney. Almost all of them have a loop. So Forget about timing! Choose one of 10 proposed models or create your own. Every scene is well organised which can help you to play with every element of the composition. And yes… all sounds are attached to the project. Hit the road and experience many marvellous adventures with Rigman!!!
Features :
  • 100% rigged character!
  • 2 templated rigging options (traditional and original)
  • Amazing design
  • Timing
  • Head creator
  • 180 degrees Head rotate
  • 180 degrees Body rotate
  • 180 degrees Hand rotate
  • 180 degrees Foot rotate
  • 35 templated scenes
  • 10 walking cycles
  • Explainer Business Story Included
  • Attractive animation based on 12 Principles of Disney
  • Random Character Creator
  • Looped scenes (don’t worry about timing)
  • Easy Comp Builder
  • 10 characters
  • Unlimited Scale
  • VoiceOver Included
  • Sounds included
  • Stylize compositions
  • Easy customisation.
  • Customise everything

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