Blender 3D AddOn: Hard Ops 009 - Blender 3D的硬表面工具包

Hard Ops是一种Blender 3D的硬表面工具包,旨在协助建模,渲染以及与Hard Surface创建相关的各种其他事项。 主要目标是制作一个可以在没有UI的情况下全屏使用的硬表面工作流程。 这将允许用户专注于创建过程,并根据需要处理按钮和面板。

Hard Ops is a hard surface toolkit aimed as assisting with modelling, rendering and a variety of other things related to Hard Surface creation. The main goal is to make a hard surface workflow that can be utilized in full screen without a UI. This would allow the user to focus on the creation process and deal with buttons and panels on an as needed basis.

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