How to Draw Cute Cartoon Characters

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How to Draw Cute Cartoon Characters
How to Draw Cute Cartoon Characters
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Learn how to draw cute 'kawaii' styled cartoon characters, quickly and easily! No special talent required. Loads of fun!
Drawing cute cartoon characters shouldn't be limited to people who possess obvious artistic talent. I've always believed that everyone has the basic ability to draw well - all that's needed is the willingness to learn and lots of practice!
In this course you'll learn how to draw cute little characters. Come with me as we discover eyes, ears, hair, hands, bodies and the simple steps I go through when creating and breathing life into a new character.
People who have benefited so far range from budding animators, book illustrators, cartoonists, game designers and anyone interested in cartooning and sketching kawaii styled cartoons. Learn how to draw, the easy way.
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